About Aks

About us

We always strive to produce innovative ideas and develop the visual image

AKS Company for Information Technology and Marketing Aks offers a design and development service for mobile applications and websites, in addition to providing a complete e-marketing service, including graphics, motion and design works, to fully serve our customers. The company seeks with the entire work team to provide better service and integrated solutions to suit the requirements of our customers.

AKS Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology and Software Development at Reverse Company is distinguished by bringing together a team with many experiences in the field of mobile applications, whether it is IOS - Android, through several technologies such as Java - Kotlin - Xamarin - C# - Swift, which allows our customers the flexibility to choose between several languages ​​and different technologies in addition to design services And programming websites and electronic stores that have become indispensable for any institution or company.

AKS Marketing

Our provision of marketing services to our clients ensures that they achieve a comprehensive vision and quality for their projects, through various social media platforms, search engines, website creation, "SEO - Search Engine Optimization" and comprehensive marketing plans.

Business Goals

Linking pre-idea services, developing them, and reflecting the built-in value of the product in the marketing process (Creativity in the idea - mastery in work - commitment to time)

Our Mission

It is the guarantee of the quality of our software products and our marketing plan

Our Technologies

We are distinguished by using the latest and most successful technologies JavaScript - Java - Kotlin - Xamarin - C# - Swift - PHP - Laravel - Bootstrap - CSS

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AKS is an Egyptian joint stock company established in 2018 according to Investment Law No. (159) for the year (81 and it is a company.

Our Powerful Clients

Our team is proficient in an array of expertise that can help elevate and empower your business.